Being Marsha Sutton

It must be exhausting to be Marsha Sutton. Here it is May 2017, and she is still upset about Rick Schmitt’s salary.

At the time, his SDUHSD salary was $238,329, which was set to go up to $248,347 on July 1. At San Ramon, where he started his employment on July 1, his contracted starting salary was $309,664.

“At the time” was June 2016, nearly a year ago. Rick Schmitt doesn’t even work for SDUHSD any more, and she spends half of her column about him and his salary?

This $6.5 million expense for salaries and benefits across the board will continue each subsequent year. (These figures, however, do not take into account the number of highly paid veteran employees who are retiring.)

“All those highly-paid veteran teachers, with their free apples and all!”

No one would have objected to a reasonable contracted salary increase.

I call bullshit. I think Marsha Sutton would have objected to any settlement with the teacher’s association that didn’t result in teachers being flogged in public.

Schmitt said the district has a history of being fiscally conservative, and that there is money to pay for these raises well into the future, based on healthy reserves, conservative assumptions and realistically rosy projections.

Even if all that is true, which is suspect, did the raises need to be so high, at 12.5 percent?

“Here is someone who knows what they are talking about. But even if they do, I’m going to ignore it. Why do raises need to be so high? Oh, you just explained that? Wait, where am I?”

Assuming scads of cash were just lying around, as Schmitt claimed, could at least some of it have been spent on hiring more teachers to reduce class sizes? More security? The arts? Relieving parents of the pressure to donate to foundations to fund classroom essentials?

Given the tragedy at Torrey Pines High School last week, how about additional counselors?

Did you REALLY just suggest that raises for teachers (“scads of cash”) led, even indirectly, to a 15-year-old’s suicide? Fuck you. I’m done being clever here. Marsha, go get some help, and let the professionals in school districts do what they do best. And you go do whatever it is you do best. I don’t know what that is, but it has nothing to do with writing or education.

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  1. Sutton gets lots of comments, mostly supportive, expressing gratitude for her willingness to speak out on these subjects and her columns are well researched and fact based.

    I note that you did not attack her based on her facts. Your response is an ad hominem attack. None of the comments of those who disagree with what she writes rebut her facts. They, like you, use slurs, innuendo, misdirection, and profanity. Why? Because they have no substantive objection. Like you.

    Would you want your students or former students to read your comments and use them as a model for how to engage someone with whom they disagree? I think not. I hope not. Then why would you use that approach to express your disagreement with what she wrote?

    Incivility in public debate is the bane of our generation. And you, KF, have made yourself the poster child.

    1. Fuck civility. I have no use for it. Incivility in public debate is necessary and proper when public education is under attack by know-nothings like Sutton who would like nothing more than to gut it and the employees’ associations.

      And I would like nothing better than for my students to take on lazy writers with an axe to grind who are regularly given a public forum despite having no discernible talents or expertise in the field they are covering. I would be extremely proud for them to be uncivil in their takedowns of hack writers and pundits. I would hope they could be even more uncivil than I am.

      And if you think this post was uncivil, you REALLY shouldn’t read some of the others on this blog. You might get a case of the vapors and have to go have a lie-down.

  2. According to Transparent CA – Kevin D. Fairchild was a teacher in SDUHSD 2012 and 2013 – Highest Total Pay/Benefits $112,139.55. In 2014 and 2015 you were put on Special Assignment – Highest Pay and Benefits was $115,420.51. What was the special assignment? Given your social media campaigns it seems that you are a uneducated bully that perhaps the District grew tired of, which resulted in your shuffling around on special assignments until the District finally found a way to get rid of you.
    Then you went and milked poor — Saddleback Valley Unified in 2016 as a “District Coordinator” for 12Mo assignment probably to get you to 55 paying you total pay and benefits of $131,078. I really, really, really hope that Saddleback is the one carrying your pension payments and not SDUHSD.
    What you fail to realize (so this is for others) is what Marsha Sutton is covering year over year over year is the lack of transparency and accountability of the School Administration to fully disclose what it costs to run our schools in this High Performing Districts. Instead what the District prefers is to send out BULLIES such as yourself, the Foundations and some select Union supporters to make parents and other teachers afraid to ask one simple question: CAN WE PLEASE BE TRANSPARENT!!!!! The minute a parent does this the bit bulls are sent out. However what you fail to realize is we are no longer afraid of the mafia mentality perpetrated in the District and we will get the transparency we so desire in our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It is in the best interest of our Students, our REAL teachers and our community. The REVOLUTION IS COMING!!!!!!!

    1. Here’s the thing: transparency means nothing if you don’t understand what you’re seeing. And you clearly don’t. You use your mad Google skillz to dig up a few publicly available numbers to make, well, what point exactly? Something something transparency. All the information is out there, you just don’t know what it means.

      “Otto: Apes don’t read philosophy.
      Wanda: Yes they do, Otto, they just don’t understand it.”

      But yes, let’s call for revolution, with all caps and lots of exclamations points!!!1!!!eleventy! That escalated quickly.

      PS. I love pit bulls. Perhaps with a little more digging, you can find out my dog’s name.

  3. Michelle Horsley — Teacher SDUHSD 2012-2015 Highest Pay/Benefits $117,475.58 — Teacher at Sunset High School for 10 Years — Current Teacher
    Marsha Rushing – Teacher SDUHSD 2012-2015 – Highest Pay/Benefits $119,789.87 – LCC English and Dance Teacher 2.07 Rating on Rate my Teacher – Current Teacher
    Kevin D. Fairchild – Former Physics Teacher at LCC — Rate my Teacher 4.07 stars — students seemed to like the guy

    Break out of the US vs THEM mentality. The “Union” likes to destabalize districts to fuel the anger. No one is upset with the teachers, who have received a roughly 1.78% year over year increase since 2007. The issue is the DISTRICT continues to disguise what it truly costs to run our schools, when the questions are asked (which is our right to ask) The following response is given : 20yr vet Joyce Delessandro “Oh we never seem to have a budget issue at the end of a year, we always find the money” — always blaming the budget on the State when we were a Basic Aid District for a number of years and in control of our own destiny. The new LCFF provides for flexibility so that Districts can better serve students locally, the SDUHSD does not know what this means. Why are teachers not more up in arms that the District Administration and School Board is not more aware of what truly transpires in the schools? what it cost to run the programs that are in our District Schools? that our teachers are not given the tools and supplies they truly need to be the outstanding teachers they so desire to be? That our students do not even attempt to engage in extracurricular because the can’t afford the huge illegal fee price tags that are extorted by the Foundations on a regular basis? This is not the Community against the Teachers, but should be the Community and the Teachers together against our overpaid Administrators and Elected School Board Officials who are in bed with influential Foundation Donors in the District. So my question to the VERY VERY vocal teachers is, Whose pocket are you in? Because the Union is not protecting the teachers at all.

    1. If you are a former SDUHSD student, I sincerely apologize on behalf of all your teachers that we didn’t teach you how to write better. Capitalization and spelling probably would have been covered in elementary school, so that’s really not our fault, but the shoddy reasoning, the failure to understand basic civics and economics, and the lack of a coherent argument, that’s on us. Sorry. I guess you were one of the children left behind.

      A couple of points. First, you really do not understand how school districts work and how they are funded by the state. “Basic Aid District” does not mean we were “in control of our own destiny.” Also, SDUHSD gets $0 (zero) dollars from LCFF, but has to write a huge nasty plan and submit it to the state anyway, so it’s actually a net *negative* to the district.

      Second, you seem to be upset at the fact that Ms. Dalessandro and teachers are satisfied and not “up in arms.” It appears that you take that as an indication of conspiracy or payoffs. Why would you not take that as an indication that people who are *actually in the district and understand how it is being run* recognize that SDUHSD is one of the most financially successful and stable districts in San Diego County? It couldn’t be that you have some other agenda, could it?

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