Things I Don’t Understand, #744

I want to know how to make money with spam blog comments, not because I want to make money with spam blog comments, but because then I might understand this:


What’s the end game here? Is it really just to get click-throughs to the linked websites? Are these like web ads where someone gets paid by the click? Or am I really supposed to be flattered that what I wrote was a “Great topic and well written”? And then I do what? Enter into a conversation with the person on the other end of the comment and end up wiring my retirement savings to Guatemala or something? I really don’t understand how this is supposed to work.

At least the spam here is grammatically correct English. On the other hand, the strange wording of email spam at least can be hilarious!

Just Write

I had a conversation with a teacher today about blogging. She was telling me about this great strategy she has used in Google Classroom to respond to individual students as well as the whole class. I told her she should share her idea on a blog, because other teachers might want to use it. She was hesitant, because she wasn’t sure that her idea was perfect yet, and she didn’t know the right tone or approach to take in a b4439906837log post, or what if nobody reads it… I interrupted her.

“Just write,” I said.

A blog is just the place to practice, and practice is the only way to get better at writing. After a while, you’ll find your style and your voice. And then you’ll change it. And change it again.

Just write.

I have no idea what I’m doing in this blog. Look at the tags; look at the previous posts. They’re all over the place. Some of them are fit for professional consumption. Some of them probably alienated readers because of my profanity or politics. So what?

Just write.

My friend Bjorn writes beautifully. Some of his blog posts have brought me to tears. I’m never going to be Bjorn or write like he does, but I don’t have to. I really have no idea whether anyone is reading this blog, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I write for myself. I write to get ideas out, and to share things that I think are cool, or infuriating, or important. I can’t control my audience or lack thereof.

Just write.

I’m going to share this post with the teacher I mentioned above, and she may respond with “Well, that’s not exactly how our conversation went this morning.” Doesn’t matter. It’s my blog. No one else will never know any different, because that’s what I’ve written.

Just write.