Gracias por todo!

To the young couple with the daughter on the train out of Barcelona:

Thank you for everything you did for us. When we realized that the scenery looked different than we remembered, we were afraid we had gotten on the wrong train, one that was not stopping at the airport as we had hoped. The look on your faces when Julie asked you in her best (but halting) Spanish confirmed our fears.

As we sat and tried to figure out our next steps, you could have just ignored us and gone on about your day, especially as you speak English only about as well as we speak Spanish. Instead, you tried your best to help us, giving us advice about the next stop, and suggesting that we take a taxi rather than waiting for the next train going toward Barcelona. It was a good idea; it would cost us more money than the train, but at least it would give us a chance of making our flight.

At the next stop, which was apparently your stop as well, you could have just left us and gone home. Instead, you pointed us to the taxi stand, offered to call a cab for us, and finally flagged down a taxi and told the driver where we needed to go. With that help, and some hustle through the airport, we made our flight to Granada (barely), and did not have to reschedule a flight or sleep in the airport or pay for extra hotel nights, all of which I was afraid we might have to do.

I wish I knew your names and address to send you a thank you in person. Since I don’t, we’ll have to make sure that we pay it forward by helping out travelers who are confused or lost, even if we don’t know their language or have any reason to to help them other than sheer kindness.

Gracias por todo!